Make your voice heard in Madison about issues impacting Door and Kewaunee Counties.

Every two years, business owners, interested citizens, and local students make a trip to Madison representing our region for Legislative Days. This program has helped call attention to issues specifically impacting Door and Kewaunee Counties.

Legislative Days has directly impacted issues important to Door and Kewaunee Counties, including diverse issues such as the highway 42/57 four-lane improvement project, Wisconsin harbor assistance funding, expansion of the state family care program and regulation supporting EMS budgets. The Kewaunee Harbor seawall replacement project, financed by a $4.2 million state grant, was one of the Legislative Days highlights in recent years.

Kewaunee County Economic Development Corporation, represented again this year by Kim Larson, interim Executive Director, is on the steering committee. “I look forward to working with county leadership, businesses, teachers and students to develop a strong case for state support on a range of issues. This survey makes it possible for everyone to participate,” she states.

“Over the years, this collaborative effort between Door and Kewaunee Counties has helped call attention to issues specific to our region, and has helped impact projects and policy that have made a difference to the people that live and work here,” stated DCEDC’s Executive Director Jim Schuessler. “We are pleased to be working with Rob Burke at UW-Extension to help us complete this survey and maximize the opportunity to engage the elected officials that can make a difference regarding the issues that will ultimately be presented.”

Issues for Legislative Days should be local, with specific implications for Door and/or Kewaunee Counties, should be non-controversial, and should be focused upon issues that exceed our local capacity to solve the challenge. All are welcome to submit issues for consideration. The final selection of topics for 2019 Legislative Days will be made by the Steering Committee.

The specific Madison dates will not be established until the state’s legislative schedule has been established, but people interested in suggesting ideas for Door and/or Kewaunee County are encouraged to submit their recommendations by Friday, January 25. Multiple suggestions can be provided, but each completed online form should be limited to one topic.

The survey for 2019 Legislative Days is now live and available online. It is accessible by accessing the link: Door Kewaunee Legislative Days Survey