In the wake of Dominion Energy’s announcement to close and decommission Kewaunee Power Station (KPS), Kewaunee County Economic Development Corp. (KCEDC) and the KPS Regional Economic Strategy Team was prompted to respond to the devastating economic loss to the community and the region. UW Extension/Madison/Kewaunee completed a KPS economic impact study (Attachment 3) to gain some perspective on the exit of the community’s largest employer. Although the results are conservative, the economic impact is clearly significant and far-reaching. The average wage at KPS is $50,000 with total annual wages at $72M dispersed over three counties; Kewaunee (26%), Manitowoc (40% and Brown (34%) Total economic activity generated (industry sales) by KPS is nearly $640M. These figures do not include the $6M received annually in state and local taxes.

With the approval of a $50,000 WEDC Capacity Building Grant, KCEDC pursued scenario and action planning, which will help design a roadmap for revitalizing the local and regional economy. David Beurle, CEO of Future iQ Partners was hired to assist with the facilitation of the scenario and action planning process, as well as prepare the final reports (with the assistance of KCEDC & EDC of Manitowoc County). To begin planning for the future of the region, and commence the process of defining a shared vision, KCEDC and the KPS Regional Economic Strategy Team collaborated with David Beurle to enhance the framework of the scenario planning process which included the following;

• Surveys – Two surveys were conducted. The first was a survey of the business community in the region. The second survey was sent to targeted stakeholders of the scenario-planning workshop, and helped guide the workshop discussions.
• Scenario Planning Workshop – The planning workshop held on June 5 and 6, 2013, provided an important opportunity to engage local and regional leadership in a critical dialogue about the economic future of the region.
• Regional Action Plan – The survey and planning workshop lays the foundation for development of a regional action plan.
The workshop involved over 30 regional leaders and stakeholders working together on June 5th and 6th. The objectives of the planning workshop were to;
• Deepen an understanding of how external events and regional conditions shape decision-making;
• Identify and understand the key influences, trends, and dynamics that will shape the region over the next 20 years;
• Create and describe four plausible long-term scenarios for the region; and,
• Begin exploring alignment around a shared regional vision.
The result of the workshop is a Scenario Report – Draft which provides a foundation for continued discussion and input to develop strategic action items and a plan.  Additional surveys and stakeholder input will be received throughout July. The action plan will be completed in August, 2013.

For more information about Scenario and action planning please contact Jennifer Brown, KCEDC Executive Director at 920.487.5233