Hats off to the Algoma Chamber of Commerce for taking advantage of the Tourism Assessment offered by the Wisconsin Department of Tourism; the Department of Tourism’s Regional Tourism Specialist will facilitate meeting discussions, conduct research, inventory tourism assets in the community, provide a foundation for developing a marketing , and identify future development opportunities for growing the community.

To effectively plan a tourism development strategy, it is necessary to bring together the right people who can plan what activities, events or attractions will bring in visitors and spending. The outcomes will set the stage tourism growth and the development of a marketing plan. It is important to answer the following questions:

  • Who are your customers and what do they say is important to them?
    • Do you have those assets and experiences, or do you need to develop them?
    • Is there a coordinated effort between your tourism and economic development programs?
    • Are your stakeholders on board and do they understand the power of tourism and the contributions it makes to local and state economies?