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Skilled Labor Base

Skilled Labor Base

Kewaunee County has a broad mix of skilled and agricultural labor experience. With a heritage that is rich in manufacturing, companies like Vollrath, Oshkosh Truck, and Agropur have come to the area with an eye on workers that are experienced in fabrications, assembly and production.

Homegrown companies like WS Packaging, Algoma Hardwoods, NEW Plastics and D&S Machine have been able to enter global markets in part because of the efficiency and reliablility of Kewaunee County Workers.

The rich agricultural base that comprises so much of Kewaunee County means that young workers are familiar and highly trainable in agricultural and related fields. From small farms to large ag facilities and cropping operations, the workers have been exposed to all facets of agriculture from a young age, and have the work ethic to “get it done”. This is how Kewaunee has become a midwest leader in production and innovation for the Dairy Industry.

The county’s maritime history in Algoma, Kewaunee, and Dykesville areas means that there are plenty of workers who already have life skills in fishing, boating, shipbuilding and repair. These popular ports also help to familiarize workers with tourism-based skills like customer service relative to fishing, restaurants and lodging.