Kewaunee, Wis. (April 21, 2021) – The Kewaunee County Economic Development Corporation (KCEDC) announces a partnership with the Greater Green Bay Chamber (GGBC) to mutually promote the economic diversity and growth of Kewaunee County.

KCEDC Executive Director Ben Nelson says “The KCEDC is renewing its commitment to creating and maintaining a business climate that maximizes the economic potential of Kewaunee County. As our businesses and residents come out of the pandemic this unique partnership positions us to improve our delivery of services as well as develop new strategies that will drive positive economic outcomes for our county.”

Kewaunee County is part of the larger Green Bay Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) of 326,000 people; as such, Kewaunee’s economy is intertwined with the greater Green Bay economic region. The entire MSA includes Oconto, Kewaunee, and Brown Counties.

Through this first of its kind partnership, the KCEDC recognized a great opportunity to partner with the economic development arm of the Greater Green Bay Chamber to expand and improve the KCEDC Business Retention & Expansion (BRE) program, improve data resources, as well as provide greater access to services and resources for the broader business community the KCEDC supports and promotes in Kewaunee County.

“The KCEDC Board took the opportunity in 2020 to pivot and realign our vision and mission to match the needs of our county. This partnership with Greater Green Bay Chamber, will allow us to visit with Kewaunee County businesses and learn what is important to them and how KCEDC can be part of the solution in recovering from the past year.” stated Amber Hewett, KCEDC Board Chair.

“Together, GGBC and KCEDC created this partnership to mutually promote the economic diversity of Kewaunee County and the region as a whole,” said Laurie Radke, president and CEO of the Greater Green Bay Chamber.

“This partnership recognizes what employers and employees have long realized: the economy of the Greater Green Bay area extends beyond the boundaries of Brown County. Working together, both.Kewaunee and Brown County can achieve long term success.” Stated by Paul Evert, Village Administrator for Howard and Chair of the Greater Green Bay Chamber Economic Development Board.


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