Lakeshore Dairy Services, Inc., owned and operated by Simon and Amber Hewett, offers Reproductive Management and Milk Quality Services to the dairies ofKewauneeCounty.  Simon and Amber started their business in July of 2001 servicing approximately 250 cows.  Over the course of the past 10 years, the business has grown and currently services approximately 8,000 cows. The growth of the business has enabled Lakeshore Dairy Services, Inc to hire one full time position and a part time position. Part of the success says Amber, is that “we stay up to date with new technologies and researching in the dairy industry. Our goal is to always keep improving and to provide our customers with the best support we can offer”.

One of the ways they’ve expanded while saving money is to bring on a Biology major intern through SilverLakeCollege. By working with colleges to provide placement for interns, Lakeshore Dairy Services can offer students the opportunity to get “hands on” experience working in the dairy industry, while minimizing the costs associated with employees. As a result of the growth, adds Amber, “We’ve outgrown our little eight-by-ten office in our home.” Lakeshore Dairy Services has plans to build a new office and shop this upcoming year.

The most important reason for their success is they stay close to their customers.  Amber explains, “We listen to our customers.  We sit in on management meetings, and are part of the team with our dairies. We think that it is our customer service that separates us from the other companies.”

Contributed by:John Ingrisano & Jennifer Brown