Kewaunee County Brand

Kewaunee County’s new brand constitutes multiple elements. The most obvious elements are the logo and tagline, designed to represent the driving force behind the brand – the people, places, and resources that make the county such a special place.

This brand for Kewaunee County showcases the area’s character, unique resources and endless opportunities for growth. It expresses how we are different and why people choose Kewaunee County for business, pleasure and a way of life. It is at once compelling and believable. In short, it clearly articulates who and what we are.

Everything Grows Better Here

The foundation of the brand was developed in such a way that we are able to envision the future while embracing the heritage that is the heart and soul of Kewaunee County. The rich fertile soils, waterways, and natural harbors nourish the roots of our manufacturing, agricultural and tourism industries. The brand is designed to speak to that vitality; that Everything Grows Better Here.

When you take that richness of natural resources, land, infrastructure and skilled labor, and consider its favorable location to major markets, Kewaunee County is primed for growth.

Grow Your Business

Kewaunee County has nurtured some of Wisconsin’s most innovative and progressive entrepreneurs in various industry sectors including; manufacturing, services, agriculture and green and alternative energy. Our skilled workforce is motivated and responsible. Combine that with the low cost of doing business, accessible local government, and proximity to urban markets and you have a recipe for profit.

Grow Your Community

Our welcoming and vibrant small towns and culturally rich farming communities provide the perfect opportunities to connect and engage with others in a way that is meaningful and fun. Active chambers of commerce, responsive local government, a growing Buy Local Initiative, and a strong economic development corporation provide business with the community support needed to succeed.

Grow Your Family

Family comes first in Kewaunee County. We have excellent school systems, libraries, parks, recreational facilities, and youth programming opportunities. Combine that with a clean, safe, and quiet environment, caring faith-based communities, and a low cost of living and you have a very high quality of life.


  • Establish a singular, compelling and relevant identity for economic development in Kewaunee County.
  • Become regionally recognized as competitive for job growth while maintaining a superior quality of life.
  • Achieve top-of-mind recognition as an ideal place for business, growth and opportunity.
  • Emphasize to those inside and outside the area that Kewaunee County is a truly unique location to live, work and play.

Access To The Brand

The Kewaunee County Brand provides an umbrella that unifies the various activities of the Kewaunee County Economic Development Corporation, including work supporting agriculture, manufacturing, tourism and commerce.

KCEDC offers branding support to governmental units and other community-based organizations who would like to have the opportunity to utilize the branding effort for their own purposes. Once usage is approved and permission granted by KCEDC, art and guidelines for implementation will be furnished to the user free of charge.

To inquire about utilizing the Kewaunee County Brand, contact Jennifer Brown of the KCEDC at or 920-255-1661